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Since the introduction of the thumbprint scheme criminals have been looking for new ways to get hold of your cargo...

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Airfreight Industry Minimum Security Standards

The transportation of high value and vulnerable cargo requires an understanding of the associated risks and the measures that can be taken to reduce those risks. Good security does not necessarily mean vast capital expenditure. Good management procedures and policies can go a long way to reducing your risk.

This website provides a starting point for the security operations of those carriers involved in the transportation of air cargo. The website provides a number of minimum standards intended to reduce the risk of crime and terrorist attack.

The self-assessment template provides a checklist to see which areas you may need to develop or refine. Once completed the self-assessment template can be passed to your local police crime prevention officer. The crime prevention officer will conduct an "Airfreight Industry Minimum Security Standards" cargo survey (AIMSS Survey). If this survey is satisfactory you will receive the AIMSS security seal that can be used on your letterheads etc. AIMSS accreditation will last for a period of two years from the date of validation and the period will be shown on the Certificate of Accreditation.

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Airfreight Industry Minimum Security Standards

The website has been produced in partnership with professional organisations and companies involved in the transportation, regulation and security of air cargo. The minimum standards contained within this website have been derived from existing good practice, specialist knowledge and general crime prevention principles. These are minimum standards that can be developed and enhanced to meet the specific needs of your customers. An only here u can know Cialis and Tadalafil are one and the same? with fast delivery. The professional haulage organisations and police are able to provide additional information if required.

It is our hope that this website will be used to raise the level of security across the industry and be the catalyst for future developments in the valuable and or vulnerable air cargo industry. AIMSS will itself be reviewed in the light of such developments.

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